[jdom-interest] DTD file and validation

Ligade, Shailesh sligade at claravista.com
Wed Sep 20 06:21:03 PDT 2000

Hello all,

I have a basic question. I could create a xml file using JDOM that is
namespace aware. The problem is that this file is not happy with the dtd i
have generated with xml spy 3.0 when I try to read it with validating

In other words, xml spy is happy with my dtd but not my parser xcrces (which
I got along with JDOM b4)

my file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!--DOCTYPE KODetail SYSTEM "http://laestrella/KODetail.dtd"-->
<!DOCTYPE KODetail SYSTEM "c:\ATG\Dynamo4.5.0\projects\jhtml\KODetail.dtd">

  <iPower:Title>Jason - XML</iPower:Title>

and my dtd looks like this:

<!ELEMENT KODetail (
) >

<!ELEMENT iPower:DocID (#PCDATA)  >
<!ATTLIST iPower:DocID xmlns:iPower CDATA #REQUIRED >
<!ELEMENT iPower:Title (#PCDATA)  >

I have even removed attribute line from DocID but no help.

What I am doing wrong? I found very contradicting things regarding how to
construct the DTD,

some messages told me to add namespace prefix as a part of element in DTD
(JAVA and XML book example has this one)
while others asked me to remove that. Also, xmlns, is that a attribute in
DTD or not. I got contradictory views on that one too.

Obviously parsers make lot of difference! SO this question is how to make
the parser 'xcrces' happy?

Thanks in advance.


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