[jdom-interest] OT: XPath test-suite

bob bob at accurev.com
Tue Sep 26 06:59:42 PDT 2000

> > Slightly off-topic, but..
> > 
> > Is anyone aware of a canonical test-suite of documents/xpath-exprs
> > I could possibly borrow, to test my implementation against?
> It seems that a set of reference documents to test the various builders
> makes sense too.  And it seems like this *ought* to be out there.  Any
> ideas?

There's a project at SourceForge which is collecting XSLT test-cases,
and oasis-open has an XSL/XPath conformance comittee.  Currently
nothing has been released, though, I'll probably be working with
OASIS on the XPath testsuite.


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