[jdom-interest] (no subject)

Peter V. Gadjokov pvg at c-c-s.com
Wed Sep 27 00:22:03 PDT 2000

>Well, I wouldn't want to hold up beta5 for those changes.  We're simply
>too desperate to have a new milestone.  On the other hand, getting them
>into beta5 gives us an opportunity to test how well we migrate to

Yep, I'd like to see it tested but no, I do not want to hold up a release.
As an aside, perhaps it's worth considering having somewhat more frequent
beta releases - the 'get it from cvs' is a very frequent response to bug

>Exactly how far along are you?  How substantial is the patch?

I'm done, I've been sitting on it for a bit (since I sent out those perf.
numbers). The patch is small, writeObject and readObject methods are added
to all stored classes. I've tweaked Namespace a bit for better performance
but I'll take those changes out for the time being, the whole class is
likely to be rewritten by someone soon anyway. 
The only other changes are a SerializationUtils class with a couple of
static methods to reuse the custom serialization of Namespace and List. Oh
and I've abstracted the lazy instantiation of the content and attribute
lists in Element to two private methods since the constant repetition of new
LinkedList() all over Element somewhat defeats the purpose of declaring the
ivar List. That change is also fair game for killing if it seems
inappropriate. That's it. Should I just mail c-diffs to the list? 


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