[jdom-interest] Beta5 candidate

Peter V. Gadjokov pvg at c-c-s.com
Wed Sep 27 01:17:20 PDT 2000

>Yep.  Make sure the utils class is package protected.  (Even at that
>it's unfortunate we'd need another class, even a support class, for
>people to see in the package.  Any way to do it elegantly without the
>extra class?)

I've put it in a org.jdom.util package but that's easy to change to org.jdom
and package protect it if that goes down better. It's not really a class,
just a couple of global functions. Their functionality can be explicitly cut
and pasted in the 3-5 places in which it is used. That's not 'elegant' in my
book but I'm not religious about it, I can make that change too, it will
just be a little more annoying to maintain in the future. 

Here's what it looks like - 

public class SerializationUtils
    public static void writeList(List list, ObjectOutputStream out)
        throws IOException
    public static List readList(ObjectInputStream in)
        throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
    public static void writeNamespace(Namespace ns, ObjectOutputStream out)
        throws IOException
    public static Namespace readNamespace(ObjectInputStream in)
        throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException

And it gets called in places like this - Element.writeObject - 

    private void writeObject(ObjectOutputStream out) throws IOException {
        SerializationUtils.writeList(attributes, out);
        SerializationUtils.writeList(content, out);
        SerializationUtils.writeNamespace(namespace, out);

I just grepped my tree, there are three call pairs from two classes to
write/read list and two call pairs from two classes to write/read namespace.
Let me know which way you'd prefer to see this go, I'll wrap it up and spew
to the list tonight (or shortly after I hear from you)


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