[jdom-interest] Bypassing Fetching DTD on JDom

Maaziar Sadr jteam at knowledgeview.co.uk
Thu Sep 28 07:00:53 PDT 2000

Sorry I tought that SAX in Jdom is just like jaxpi and is event based.
Anyhow I used SAXBuilder instead of DOMBuilder but my problem is still exists
SAXBuilder spend a ling time to fetching DTD like DOMBuilder.

philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:

> > Hi philip,
> > Thank you for your responce.
> > Since I need a random access SAX is not my option.
> > take care,
> > Maaziar
> >
> Assuming you will use JDOM for that random access, DOMBuilder doesn't help
> you any more than SAXBuilder.  They both do the same thing, they parse and
> they exit.  The main reason for using DOMBuilder is to integrate with other
> tools that may expose a DOM document.

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