[jdom-interest] beta5 comments

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Fri Sep 29 03:36:11 PDT 2000

I downloaded jdom-complete.zip today and gave it a whirl.  It's been
about 6 weeks since I updated last.  Because this is a beta5 candidate,
I jotted down a few notes:

1. Building.  Both build.bat and build11.bat work fine.

 * Note: To build for JDK1.1 using Java2, remove classes.zip from

 * Warning: If you run both build11.bat and build.bat, do a 'build
clean' after 'build11' and before 'build'.  Otherwise, the second
'build' won't do anything.

2. XMLOutputter.  Now that formatting is preserved, XMLOutputter is not
the pretty-printer it once was.  However, I need some kind of outputter
that will produce the same result whether the input document was
programmatically constructed (without formatting) or constructed from a
text file (with formatting).  What's the recommended procedure?

3. JDK1.1.  Even though I use the JDK1.1 build, I'm happy with leaving
JDK1.1 as a second-class build.  In other words, it's OK with me if the
beta5 release does *not* contain a pre-built JDK1.1 jdom.jar.  It's also
OK with me if the JDK1.1 build uses the same 'build' directory as
Java2 -- even though this can be a little confusing.  The way I see it:
Java2 was developed nearly 2 years ago so JDK1.1 users should have to
suffer -- and in fact most of use are already accustomed to doing so.
Instead of tidying-up the JDK1.1 build, I'd rather see the extra effort
applied toward mainline development.

4. Thanks!  Aside from the XMLOutputter nit above, the beta5 candidate
works for me.

Joe Bowbeer

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