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Brad Morgan Brad.Morgan at e-pubcorp.com
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Once Alex's patch is in the library, you shouldn't have to keep track of the
state of the document.  You have two choices, 1) keep the old whitespace or
2) remove it and add new.  It doesn't need to be removed by the builder
because the patched XMLOutputter will do
the right thing.  The rest of JDOM doesn't care if its there or not.

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> Yes, I mean the whitespace issue.
> I need to use XMLOutputter as a pretty-printer, and the patched
> XMLOutputter should do the trick.  (Currently I have to keep track of
> whether the document already contains indentation and new lines -- or
> not.)

Cool, please if you could, add the patch and let us know if it works.
Alex says he didn't do real testing, so we're waiting a little on
integration until someone gives it a run-through (I'm booked --
literally, with writing my book).

> Q: Wouldn't it be preferable in some cases to also enhance the builder
> side to optionally remove whitespace?

Yep.  It's in the TODO.  XML purists are going to scream.

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