[jdom-interest] Re: Validation Against Schemas

Jose_Sanchez at amsinc.com Jose_Sanchez at amsinc.com
Sat Sep 2 16:38:12 PDT 2000

     Thanks very much Swaminathan and Celia for your help. I finally could
validate against schemas, I modified the SAXBuilder class as Swaminathan
suggested and everything went ok. Just two things:

     - Apparently jdom beta 5 has solved the problem and is able to validate
against schemas without even asking for it.
...and a dream
     - I hope that Schema will soon become a W3C recommnedation cause right now
the differences between vendors implementations of parsers makes it a nightmare
to work with schema. For example, I had to convert my valid schemas on Spy into
the format of the XERCES examples in order to make it work.

     One more question: Does anybody knows who to get out of a JDOMException or
SAXParseException the name of the attribute and/or element that caused the
exception? We are using the schema for form validation (comming from a GUI) and
would like to use that info to dinamically generate error messages for the user.
Thanks very much again,


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