[jdom-interest] Doc Listeners etc

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Mon Apr 2 19:23:17 PDT 2001

I think Ive already posted twice to the list about the need for a builder listener
but no responses @ all.  Im trying to use JDOM in a GUI tool but right not its just
taken that once you build a Document its "magically" built and no events are fired
when new Elements are created from SAXBuilder, even that would make me happy (instead
of changing the SAXBuilder and adding a SAXBuilderListener).

I hope that some generic listener framework ends up being @ least discussed.

- Jon

"Kenworthy, Edward" wrote:

> Hi Brett/Jason
> There's doesn't appear to be any support for attaching views or listeners to
> Documents and Elements = nor does the Document appear to get notified of any
> changes to its component Elements. Is this something that will ever appear ?
> I can (and have) added some of this functionality to Document by wrapping
> it, but the major problem I have is that I can't sub-class Document to add
> in the "listenable" behaviour because Documents get created by a static
> factory (one of the limitations of such an approach) - so wrapping makes
> more sense. This is a bit of a pain (especially as I'll need to repeat it
> with Element). Any chance of it being included ?
> Edward
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