[jdom-interest] Presences of Namespace dramatically slows SAX Builder

Ken Klose Ken.Klose at imedium.com
Tue Apr 3 18:02:06 PDT 2001


Thanks for the speedy reply.  I "primed the pump" as you mentioned and saw
results similar to yours.  Another question though, the Javadoc (from
Beta-6) says that Element.getAdditionalNamespaces returns null if there are
no additional namespaces.  Doesn't this put your solution at risk for a


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On the SAX side: Priming alone didn't bring the SAX build in line, so I
did a little OptimizeIt testing and found that one line was taking the
vast bulk of time:


I changed it to:

  List addl = element.getAdditionalNamespaces();
  if (addl.size() > 0) {

And now what did take 13219ms now takes 580ms (on Xerces).  Quite a
change, and right in line with the no-NS build that takes 470ms.  I'll
be checking in the enhancement after this.

Thanks, Ken, for bringing this to my attention.


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