[jdom-interest] Factories for builders.

Thomas Koch Thomas.Koch at atlantec-es.com
Wed Apr 4 06:44:52 PDT 2001

Since this subject was mentioned as waiting for comments
(Sorry, currently no time to really look into it):

I would like to see the feature, because today I keep modifying
SAXBuilder to generate our own subtypes of Element. However
I would need an additional feature:

After an Element has been created, it is empty (no content, no attrs).
Therefore no further processing is possible at this point.
It would be useful, often required, to get control again after 
e.g. attributes have been processed and after the element is complete. 
For example, some sort of callback mechanism into Element
could take care of that.


On Tuesday 13 March 2001 13:39, you wrote:

> > Here is an attemt to implement factories for builders.
> I have kept it simple.
> D:\JDOM\factorySAXBuilder.diff a diff for SAXBuilder based on
> fridays source drop.
> JDOMFactory.java is the java interface defining the factory.
> DefaultJDOMFactory.java is the default implementtation used by
> saxbuilder when nothing is set with the SAXBuilder.setFactory
> metod.
> Best Regards
> KenR

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