[jdom-interest] Re: Element factories for Builders [eg]

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Apr 4 21:28:05 PDT 2001

Dave Churchville wrote:
> What's the current state/thinking on Element Factories in JDOM Builders
> (SAXBuilder in particular)?
> This, in my opinion, would eliminate (or at least help with) most of the
> remaining debate points, since you really could say "use a factory" in
> reponse to:
> - I'd like to store more data on an Element (custom application data)
> - I'd like to add a listener model to Elements, etc.
> - I'd like to add controversial methods to my Element (i.e.
> getChildIgnoringNamespaces("foo"))
> - I'd like to override certain methods for my own app for efficiency, etc.
> I know its in the TODO, and some people have done partial? implementations,
> but how close is it to being part of official JDOM?  I'd be happy to help
> out here if needed.

The ability to customize SAXBuilder to build subclasses of the standard
JDOM objects using a factory model is (as you saw) slated to go in to
JDOM.  If you want to help, you can try out and review the submittal
sent in by Ken.  The fact no one thus far has said, "Works for me and I
like it" has kept me from popping it to the top of the integration

> P.S. We are using JDOM and are generally very happy with it.

Glad to hear it!  :-)


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