[jdom-interest] 2 questions

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Apr 6 10:06:24 PDT 2001

Marcus Heine wrote:
> I had a go at JDOM and think it is great. So much easier to deal
> with than DOM. I love it.
> Two questions, though:
> 1) Are there any plans in JDOM development to provide something
>    similar to a NodeFilter (in DOM) with which one can filter out
>    certain Element nodes easily before processing further?

Jools is working on a FilterList that has similar ideas.  Not sure how
much of the API will be exposed yet.

> 2) When parsing (e.g. with Xerces) the JDOMException returned
>    includes a reference to the actual offending line number in the
>    XML  file. It would be very useful, however, to also get
>    a reference to the offending Element itself. Are there
>    already any plans to provide this functionality in future?

But the offending item wouldn't have been created yet.


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