[jdom-interest] Bug in SAXHandler

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Tue Apr 10 01:51:20 PDT 2001


For some tests, I use SAXHandler to process the output of SAXOutputter. It 
used to work OK but since I got a CVS snapshot two days ago, it fails with the 
following exception:

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1
         at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1503)
         at org.jdom.input.SAXHandler.startElement(SAXHandler.java:277)
         at org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLFilterImpl.startElement(XMLFilterImpl.java:575)
         at org.jdom.output.SAXOutputter.startElement(SAXOutputter.java:470)
         at org.jdom.output.SAXOutputter.element(SAXOutputter.java:385)
         at org.jdom.output.SAXOutputter.elementContent(SAXOutputter.java:524)
         at org.jdom.output.SAXOutputter.element(SAXOutputter.java:388)
         at org.jdom.output.SAXOutputter.output(SAXOutputter.java:236)

It seems the problem arises because SAXHandler expects someone to perform 
string interning (it tests for two strings being different using != (line 
276)) but apparently SAXOutputter does not intern strings.

I haven't followed the intern thread in the past weeks so I don't know whether 
SAXOutputter is expected to perform interning.  So I've changed line 276 of 
SAXHandler to:
             if ((attLocalName != attQName) &&
                 (!attLocalName.equals(attQName))) {


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