[jdom-interest] How JDOM handles relative path?

Balaji Chakravarthy bchakravarthy at usa.net
Tue Apr 10 05:33:48 PDT 2001

I found this posting from JDOM archives.  I am finding the same issue with
JDOM right now.  

Here is my problem:  I have an XML (sample.xml) that has reference (using
noNamespaceSchemaLocation) to A.xsd.  A.xsd has multiple includes on different
XSDs.  When I try to build a JDOM Document on sample.xml, I am getting file
not found exception on included XSDs.  I am using relating path to include

I would really appreciate if any one could reply with work-around,
suggestions, ...


"Leibundguth, Jonathon" wrote:
> I've noticed JDOM / Xerces does not parse relative paths well when building
> (SAXBuilder) the
> DOCTYPE of a document:  the url, file:///... will work fine assuming that
> the JVM
> started from the same drive on your computer, however, file://c:/... won't
> work,
> and neither will relative paths like "../../somedtd.dtd".  This becomes a
> burden
> when the number of xml files increase and absolute paths must be used!
> It becomes a huge burden when you are developing an entire web-site
> application based on
> hundreds of these files which must be installed in different environments.
> I've noticed the same problem with the xsl-stylesheet processing
> in xalan.  Has anyone
> encountered this problem? are there any workarounds? is my understanding of
> this
> subject correct?
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