[jdom-interest] which parser for SAXBuilder?

stephan.segschneider at snellwilcox.com stephan.segschneider at snellwilcox.com
Wed Apr 11 08:16:07 PDT 2001

Hi all

I'm new to this group and JDOM. I'm just trying to convert one of my projects to
work with JDOM. Unfortunately the reading of a XML file (or is it the creating
of the SAXBuilder???) seems to take much longer (about 10 times). I wounder if
it has to do with the xerces parser which is quite big - 1.5MB compare to the
JAXP parser (200kB). I've been using JAXP1.1 by now. Unfortunately I couldn't
get the JAXP javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser to work!

static final String DEFAULT_SAX_DRIVER_CLASS =                      

private static final String DEFAULT_SAX_DRIVER_CLASS =  

The first one works fine (but slow). The second one woun't work. How do I make
JAXP the parser for the SAXBuilder?

Thanks for your help


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