[jdom-interest] Presences of Namespace dramatically slowsSAXBuilder

tim at peierls.net tim at peierls.net
Thu Apr 12 14:21:59 PDT 2001

On Thu, 12 April 2001, Jason Hunter wrote:
> > I noticed that your recent fix ... 
> > left in the test for empty list, which is
> > now almost certainly unnecessary. 
> Actually, I think it's still useful.  If you look at the
> foo.removeAll(bar) implementation what it does is iterate over every obj
> in foo and for each checks if it exists in bar, and if so removes it
> from foo.  

Eeew, you're right. AbstractCollection.removeAll() -- you'd think it would be smarter when bar is empty or just tiny relative to foo. I've written to Josh Bloch to see what he thinks.

OK, I'll stop pestering you.


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