[jdom-interest] Attribute.getSerializedForm bug [eg]

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Thu Apr 12 22:40:56 PDT 2001

Joe Bowbeer wrote:

> > ... So I guess it doesn't matter that Attribute.getSerializedForm
> > is broken with respect to the special characters [& < > "] and the
> > characters greater than '\u007f' ...

Jason Hunter replied:

> It does matter.  That logic will have to move into XMLOutputter.
> Did you post about that problem before?

This logic is already included in XMLOutputter.escapeAttributeEntities

By the way, I see that Megginson's writeEsc method in samples.sax.XMLWriter
outputs character references for the characters greater than '\u007f', as

        if (ch[i] > '\u007f') {

Should XMLOutputter acquire this logic, too?

Joe Bowbeer

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