[jdom-interest] Release question

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Apr 17 10:06:18 PDT 2001

"Boyd, Pam" wrote:
> I've been reading up a lot on JDOM and I'd love to use it on my current
> project.  However, all I can find at jdom.org is the beta release.  This is
> for a commercial product and I am not allowed to ship a beta.  When is a
> JDOM release build planned???
> This is frustrating, I've been doing all the reading, gotten really
> enthusiastic and now suddenly I have to put on the brakes and go to SAX.
> ewww!

The schedule is talked about in the FAQ.  http://jdom.org/docs/faq.html.

If you want it done faster, pitch in!  We're all volunteers here.  :-)


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