[jdom-interest] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException every time

Mark_Brown at aoncons.com Mark_Brown at aoncons.com
Tue Apr 17 10:33:11 PDT 2001

Are you using Visual Cafe?  This looks like a message that was posted some
months ago.  Check the archives.  I think that Visual Cafe does some checking
and that checking can be disabled.  I don't use Visual Cafe so someone else may
be able to shed more light or perhaps the archives will answer your question.


philip.nelson at omniresources.com on 04/17/2001 01:07:20 PM

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Subject:  RE: [jdom-interest] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException every   time

> every time when I do this calls:
>         try{
>             SAXBuilder builder=new SAXBuilder(validation);
>             jdomDocument=builder.build(new java.io.File(fileName));
>         }
>         catch(Exception e){
>             System.out.println("XMLDocument.load(): Can not load
> document '"+fileName+"'!");
>         }
> I get this exception:
> XMLTree.class successfully loaded
> XMLTree.openItem_actionPerformed_Interaction1(): Opening
> 'F:\java\jdom-b6\samples\web.xml'.
> Exception raised:  "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 8"
> You may press F5 to continue with default exception handling)

It looks to me like the exception is NOT coming from this code since there
is no "XMLDocument.load(): Can not load document '"+fileName+"'!" in the
message.  So look upstream and you will probably find some model problem in
your swing code.
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