[jdom-interest] Tomcat, JDOM and JAXP

Steffen Gransow graste at gmx.de
Tue Apr 17 23:59:35 PDT 2001

I'm using JAXP1.1 and the latest Tomcat-Release-Build (Version 3.2.1 I
think). I already tried copying the jaxp.jar (and crimson.jar) to the Tomcat
lib-directory but after that tomcat doesn't start (throws a sealing exception if I
remember it right). But that was no surprise to me at all. The jaxp-Version
Tomcat uses I don't know (filesize was 5,4.. kb or so).


Steffen Gransow

> > I'm rather new to jdom - and I like it (in fact: it's cool 
> > ;-), but can't
> > get it to work with my tomcat-installation at home. I tried 
> > to transform a
> > jdom-document with a simple stylesheet to HTML. To do this I 
> > use JAXP1.1. When I
> > write the transformation-result to a fileoutputstream 
> > everything works right,
> > but when i try to use (the same data and xsl) in a servlet (I 
> > use Tomcat) I
> > get a "namespace not supported" exception. Did I do something 
> > wrong? 
> I think you will have to tell us the version of Tomcat and if possible,
> the
> version of JAXP that your Tomcat installation is using.  It's one of those
> "it depends" kind of answers most likely.  

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