[jdom-interest] JDom API and encoding type?

barbara at tli.de barbara at tli.de
Thu Apr 19 07:43:17 PDT 2001

Hi there!

How Do I get the encoding type into my Document. 
I want <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> in my Document Type 
org.jdom.DocType doesn't offer any methods to include the encoding

The problem I work on is:
On server side I create a Document with methods of the JDOM API ->
Element rootElement = new Element("Customers");
rootElement.addAttribute("VARID", some_string); //some_string = "äüö123"
Document jdomDoc = new Document(rootElement);
and so on ...
On client side I don't use an Outputter, only the 
methods of Document and Element to view the data in a JTree. The strings
these methods give back differ from the input on server side.
E.g. the method getAttributeValue gives back some_string="auo123"
I hope that specifying the encoding in the Declaration will
solve my problem.
Any suggestions? Thanx for help.

Barbara Hass
E-Mail: barbara at tli.de
Date: 19-Apr-2001
Time: 15:43:20

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