[jdom-interest] Moving Elements around...

Yong Kim emoogee at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 15:50:14 PDT 2001


I'm currently working on a project that requires many
iteration of moving elements around a XML document. 
(Of course, I'm using JDOM for this project and I've
been loving it... :))..  So, I was thinking what would
be the best way to deal with this kind of situation...
 Maybe I'm wrong, but I couldn't find anything on this
from JDOM...  Maybe, I'm talking about something
that's really pointless to talk about but I'd like to
see what you guys think...  Would it be nice if we
have a method in JDOM Document class that moves around
Element within the XML Document???  Maybe I'm going
too far but it might be interesting if we can move
Elements from one XML Document from another...
As an interim, does anyone have good suggestion on how
to move Elements around???


Sean Kim

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