[jdom-interest] Attribute instantiation woes

Cem Karan Cem.Karan at usa.alcatel.com
Mon Apr 23 06:54:48 PDT 2001

I know that this is somewhat offtopic, as it deals with Visual Age for
Java, but as it also deals with JDom, I'm going to ask here anyways.

I am trying to make an instance of Attribute that I will eventually add
to an Element node.  As a test case, I have this fairly simple code:

import org.jdom.*;
import org.jdom.adapters.*;
import org.jdom.input.*;
import org.jdom.output.*;

public class AttributeMaker 
	public AttributeMaker() {super();}

	public static void main(String[] args)
		Attribute tempAttrib = null;
		tempAttrib = new Attribute("a","b");

which always throws a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.  Any thoughts?

Cem Karan

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