[jdom-interest] Can something be done about the applet support ?

Colin Johnson CJohnson at SonicWALL.com
Mon Apr 23 18:21:36 PDT 2001


I'm a Java newbie, but I'm an experienced C++ developer so I find Java a
joy to use :)

Anyway, my problems stem from tryingto use JDOM in an Applet.

I emailed Jason about my problems and he was kind enough to drop hints
in all the right places to enable me to get it to work,
however it does mean I have to load JDOM-JDK11.JAR and COLLECTIONS.JAR
COLLECTIONS.JAR is a whopping 254K and I just don't have room for this
on an embedded system (well not when everything else
is added up i.e. CRIMSON.JAR, JAXP.JAR, JDOM-JDK11.JAR and the applet

As a test this afternoon I wrote a little lightweight XML parser /
packager in Java and got it to do everything that I needed from JDOM,
this is only a prototype and things are bound to get trickier so JDOM
support would be nice to have.

I wrote it first as an application and then ported it to an applet.

Low and behold the applet barfed on my use of collections, however it IS
possible to use java.util.vector from JDK 1.1 and get the thing to work
without having

It means that only a subset of Java 2 JDK 1.3 Vector methods are usable
but once these are replaced, i.e java.util.vector.get(index) with
java.util.vector.elementAt(index) in my case, the thing springs to life.

I know this is probably asking a bit much, but could someone look into
making a JDOM-JDK11.JAR build that doesn't require COLLECTIONS.JAR ?



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