[jdom-interest] ANN: Barracuda Beta 1

Christian Cryder christian.cryder at lutris.com
Mon Apr 23 21:25:59 PDT 2001

Hi folks,

Just a brief announcement to let you know that the Beta 1 release of
Barracuda is now available at http://barracuda.enhydra.org. If you never
work with Servlets, JSPs, XML or DOM, delete this email now. For those of
you who are still reading and wonder "What the heck is Barracuda?", read on.

Barracuda is an open-source Presentation Framework designed to make it
easier to build servlet based webapps by applying proven client-server
patterns to the web development paradigm. Key features include:

-DOM based templating mechanism for better separation of code from
content (default implementation uses XMLC...see http://xmlc.enhydra.org)

-UI component model that provides a series of server side widgets (table,
list, template, etc) that make it easy to manipulate DOM structures.
Strongly typed MVC interfaces just like in Swing. Support for multiple
markup languages (HTML, WML, XML, etc).

-Event model that provides Model 2 style flow control and allows for true
event driven programming on the server. You can add listeners to components
and your server-side event handler code will automatically get notified when
an action occurs on the client.

-Form mapping and validation framework that makes it possible to easily
convert HTTP Request form parameters into first class Java objects and
validate them

-Localization services that extend the XMLC compiler to make it really easy
to localize DOM templates and then load them based on target locale

-based on the Servlet 2.2+ API (so it'll run in any decent app-server).

-And of course it's open source! ;-)

Full details at the website--source available under CVS, mailing list to ask
questions, lots of documentation, sample apps, yadda, yadda, yadda.


Christian Cryder
christianc at enhydra.org
Barracuda - Open-source MVC Component Framework for Webapps
        "What a great time to be a Geek"

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