[jdom-interest] jdom-contrib

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Apr 24 09:32:00 PDT 2001

Kevin Jones wrote:
> from a JDOM newbie.


> i) Is jdom-contrib available outside of CVS?


> ii) JDOMSource.java (in CVS) doesn't compile against the CVS version of
> JDOM. 'getCharacterStream' tries to handle an IOException thrown by
> reader = new StringReader(new XMLOutputter().outputString(doc));
> The outputString method used to throw this exception (in beta-6) it doesn't
> in the CVS build,

Thanks, fixed.  Now unfortunately people using jdom-contrib with beta6
are going to have problems.  Ah well, better to keep all things current
I suppose.


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