[jdom-interest] Possible parsing problem

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Not quite.  A DTD can contain other things other than notations.  Entities
in particular are important whether or not you validate.

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I've discovered some parsing behaviour that seems dubious to me.  Could
someone clarify if this is correct or not?
If I have an XML text stream that is well-formed and I don't specify
validation should SAXBuilder be able to build a Document in all cases?  
In particular I have the following problem: If the XML document has a
DOCTYPE with an external reference in it and the DTD is not accessible the
build fails!  To me this seems to be the wrong behaviour when we haven't
requested validation. Shouldn't the rules be:
a)  if you specified validation then the DOCTYPE must be present and the
file accessible so that validation can be completed
b) if you don't specify validation then if the DOCTYPE is present it follows
the rules for formatting but accessibility of the actual DTD is not

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