[jdom-interest] JDom doesn't work from the applet embedded in the browser

Colin Johnson CJohnson at SonicWALL.com
Wed Apr 25 18:52:52 PDT 2001

Yes, just been through the very same thing.

You need to build against JDOM-JDK11.JAR and COLLECTIONS.JAR instead of

Inside your code you need to import com.sun.java.util.collections.List
instead of
the java.util.List used by JDOM.

You need to use the archive applet tag to load all the associated jars.

The smallest footprint I could get was using JDOM-JDK11.JAR,
was over 540K !!!!

JAXP.JAR is available from Sun @ java.sun.com.

I was trying to get this all to work on an embedded system but the size
requirements of these JARs is
far too much for the type of functionality I required.

If you can live with this, by all means do it.

I've stopped using JDOM until somebody re-writes it to not use
collections :)

For now I'm using a more sensible lightweight XML parser which is a port
of the JavaScript Xparse (XParseJ).
Incidentally it uses a class called JSArray which uses java.util.Vector
and java.util.Hashtable internally.
It does it without breaking in an applet like JDOM so the author
obviously used JDK1.1 compliant methods ?

Email me if you still can't get it to work - I know I spent DAYS on this
particular set of issues.


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Hi Brett,
I'm using jdom to parse an XML stream within an applet
in the browser. I'm using the SAXBuilder & calling the
build method
with a URL. This method call never returns if the
applet is running
within a browser but works fine if the applet is
running within the
appletviewer. I tried disabling the sandbox by
changing the security
setting in IE but that did not help. Does anybody have
a solution about this
problem ?


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