[jdom-interest] detach() [eg]

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Apr 26 11:37:34 PDT 2001

> I'd suggest that if this is the case there should be a warning 
> to developers on the
> download page that all "beta" builds should be considered trial 
> only and are not intended for production work.

"Beta means beta" in other words.  :-)

I don't think we need to discourage people from using JDOM just because
the code might change between betas.  If someone wants to build on
betaX, they can and they'll generally find the code at beta5 or beta6 to
be quite solid.  If they want to stay current with new betas, we do what
we can to make that easy.  Wherever possible we deprecate methods before
removal and keep an eye on backward compatibility.

Look at it this way, SAX 1.0 users had to change much code more to
comply with SAX 2.0 than JDOM beta5 users will have to change for JDOM
1.0.  Even the JDK deprecates methods between releases.


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