[jdom-interest] XML + JDOM + Test = Load presentation on May 1, 2001

Frank Cohen fcohen at inclusion.net
Fri Apr 27 15:56:49 PDT 2001

I'll be making a presentation at next week's Java SIG meeting of the
Software Development Forum (http://www.sdforum.org/p/I1.asp?SID=4&PID=210)
on Load - a platform for scalability and performance testing for Web
applications. I built Load using JDOM and will be highlighting many of my
experiences with JDOM. If you are going to be in Mountain View, California
next Tuesday please consider dropping by for the presentation. I'd love to
get a chance to meet other JDOM'ers in person.

More info on Load is at:

I will also post a URL to the slides to the jdom-interest mailing list for
your info.

Here's a description of the presentation:

Testing for performance and scalability using a combination of XML and Java
technologies is essential in the fast-paced world of Web-application
development. On May 1, 2001 at the Software Development Forum Java SIG, I
will outline a conceptual framework for building Web software, explain why
the combination of Java objects and an XML-based scripting language works
well for testing, and introduce an open-source set of tools and a scripting
language called Load to help with your testing. I used JDOM to build the
Load Script parser and the presentation will include my experiences using


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