[jdom-interest] Trouble with Unicode characters

Ulrich Rueth ulrich.rueth at gmx.de
Sat Apr 28 14:57:37 PDT 2001

I'm having a lot of trouble with special characters. They come from a
web-app as user input, so there could be many special characters like the
German ü (ü in HTML). I have to save them in XML. When writing them
"unfiltred" to XML (works!) with the XMLOutputter, then - when later reading
the XML file - I get an invalid XML document exception.

I tried to filter them (e.g. writing ° instead of the special char).
Then (like mentioned in the jdom FAQs) they appear as ° in the
XML file.

Q1: How can I manage to avoid the & being transferred to &?

Q2: If I manage to solve Q1, will I have to re-filter the character when
reading the XML file, as Java demands \u00b0; as representation?

Q3: Is there a more elegant way (without this filtering and re-filtering)?

Thank You!

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