[jdom-interest] re: xml schema support

Joshua and Louise Fox jtfox at usa.net
Sun Apr 29 08:36:11 PDT 2001

How to we make Xerces-DOM (on top of which we're running JDOM), use

What we want to do is


to the underlying Xerces parser, but we can't figure out how to access the
underlying Xerces parser from JDOM.
Joshua Fox
Software Architect
Unicorn Solutions 

philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:
> A schema is parsed, and the document is parsed and
> compared against that schema (depending on parser settings) long 
> before a
> JDOM document is ever built.  So, JDOM can use the underlying parser 
> and report schema violations that way. The specific schema 
> version you need and
> features depend on which parser you use so as long 
> as JDOM has an adaptor
> for a parser that supports your schema type, JDOM is usable 
> with your schema.  

> In memory validation against that schema within JDOM is not 
> supported and
> while the debate has not totally ended, I doubt it 
> will be implemented 

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