[jdom-interest] Ideas for API changes

Richard Cook rpc at prismtechnologies.com
Mon Apr 30 11:43:52 PDT 2001

I find a Node style interface useful for a particular application, for
example if all my elements have name/description attributes or child
elements and I can use the i/f without casting. If I have to cast then I
don't gain by it.  Also I might want node.getChildren() to return a list of
various types of children - for tree walking. If a JDOM Node i/f were to
make tree walking easier, would this mean element.getChildren() would return
elements and attributes etc (or would Node have a getChildren() method?). If
JDOM is representing XML doesn't Node just move the documentation about what
is legal from the method names to the method body/javadoc?

Cheers, Richard

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