[jdom-interest] Namespace

Szegedi, Attila szegedi at scriptum.hu
Wed Aug 1 04:00:26 PDT 2001

First of all, you're sending mail in HTML format. This is inpolite on
mailing lists.

Your problem will disappear if you use
  new Element("topic", topicMapNS)
instead of
  new Element("topic")


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Namespace topicMapNS =
Element topicMap = new Element("topicMap", topicMapNS);
topicMap.addContent(new Element("topic")
                   .setText("Topic Maps"));
Gives me:
<topicMap xmlns="http://www.topicmaps.org/xtm/1.0/">
  <topic xmlns="">Topic Maps</topic>
The "xmlns" attribute on element "topic" is not wanted.
Please, what am I doing wrong.
Peter Sparkes

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