[jdom-interest] Urgent Request to Add a method in SAXBuilder class

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Fri Aug 3 10:58:24 PDT 2001

> I really appreciate the fast handling of this issue, but I am not sure
> if the latest fix from Alex solves the problem with validating against
> an external DTD as well (which was mentioned by Tony Zhang). I still
> cannot set a _property_ which is needed to validate against an external
> DTD or schema which I control by myself. Is there any other possibility
> to accomplish this?

OK, here's a patch that lets you set properties as well. (It also fixes the
previous patch I sent - the diff seems to have gotten screwed up. I'm still
trying to learn CVS...)

And again, you can always subclass SAXBuilder yourself and set up the parser
however you like. This just makes it more convenient.


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