[jdom-interest] Implementing and idea...

Alastair Rodgers alastair.rodgers at PHOCIS.COM
Fri Aug 10 01:49:43 PDT 2001

I don't know if this is any use to you, but the Java 1.4 SDK will include a
Logging API which includes an XML formatter to assist outputting to an XML
log. Of course, its only in beta at the moment though...

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> Subject: [jdom-interest] Implementing and idea...
> I have a servlet...
> The servlet accepts incoming requests, does some DB work then 
> sends back the
> response.
> I want to log all exceptions and few messages if such and 
> such process was
> successfull to XML file then of course when read, using XSL 
> format the data
> nicely.
> What would be the best way to do this with out taking up to 
> much resources
> from the servlet or slowing down the servlet or server in any way. 
> I thought of every time an exception happens open the log.xml 
> file add the
> necessary nodes and output the file back. Problem with this is that
> eventually the file will get just to big.Maybe split the log 
> to a daily
> bassis?? Any other ways?? Also is JDOM ad XMLOutputter thread 
> safe. What if
> 2 threads catch an error and have to write to the log??

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