[jdom-interest] Document serialization?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Aug 15 15:28:48 PDT 2001

This comes from the fact setAttributes() doesn't sanity check the list
and just takes what it's given.  That's being fixed.


Sean Brandt wrote:
> Jason and Philip,
>     Found the issue. Part of what my app does is merge two different xml
> trees, and deep in the bowels of doing so, calls getAttributes() on
> elements scheduled for replacement. This returns a PartialList, which is
> in turn put onto the elements that are replacing them with a
> setAttributes call. This 'corrupts' the Element List tree with
> PartialLists, and hence breaks serialization. I've patched my code to
> convert that PartialList to an ArrayList, before calling setAttributes,
> however, it might be an potential issue for others.
> - Sean
> Jason Hunter wrote:
> >No one's reported this before, but it's possible that something in add()
> >regarding parentage could be messed up during deserialization.  Is it
> >possible to create a small reproducible test case?
> >
> >-jh-
> >
> >Sean Brandt wrote:
> >
> >>I'm running into an issue with b7 and serialization.
> >>I'm storing an xml doc on an HttpServletSession in a weblogic clustered
> >>enviorment. I'm getting a stack trace that is resulting from an
> >>NullPointerException from org.jdom.PartialList.add(PartialList.java:200)
> >>in the de-serialization step.
> >>
> >>Any ideas? Is JDOM supposed to support serialization of the full Document?
> >>
> >>- Sean Brandt
> >>
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