[jdom-interest] TO-DO List

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Aug 16 16:59:46 PDT 2001

So glad you can help!  As Brett and I have gotten busy, it's more
important than ever for people to step up and help.  Most things in the
latest TODO (from CVS) that aren't marked with a person's name are open
for help.  Just please post to the list so we know what you're working
on and can put your name beside the item.  That also gives people a
chance to provide the latest thoughts on the issue.


Matt Hunter wrote:
> I was taking a look at the long to-do list
> and was wondering who was working on what.  I'd
> like to pitch in and help with the coding, but
> I don't want to duplicate anyone's current effort.
> Thanks.
> Matt Hunter
> xrkune at tconl.com
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> You will never get out of it alive." -  Elbert Hubbard
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