[jdom-interest] XML Schema problem

Brett McLaughlin brett at newInstance.com
Wed Aug 22 11:04:30 PDT 2001

> Hi,
> I think the last exception was because I omitted a '"' from the
> document. When I reran the program I got the following exception:
> org.jdom.JDOMException: Error on line 5 of document
> file:/E:/Caretaker/classgen.xml: General Schema Error: Grammar with uri
> : http://default.namespace.com , can not found.


  Your problems are not with JDOM, but with XML Schema. You need to read up
on schema with a primer, like that found in my "Java and XML" book or at
http://www.w3.org/XML, I'm sure. That's a lot easier than trying to go
through it all here on a JDOM mailing list ;-)

Once you get a handle on schema, things will work fine.


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