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Subject: Brainstorming on JDOM rep. inside openadaptor

Jason, Tim, openadaptor community,

A- Why suggesting to move to JDOM?
After interviewing a few contributors one of the feedback we got was: If
the internal representation was using a more standard technology like
JDOM, DOM, XML rep. - instead of Data Objects - it would be easier for
new developers to get up to speed on the technology.
Jason Hunter, one of the leaders for JDOM, - in his kindness - will be
available to discuss JDOM and brainstorm with the community in a Web

B- How can we do that?
As we prepare the Web Conference on a presentation of JDOM, Openadaptor
Data Objects, and brainstorming on what needs to be done to move from
Data Object to JDOM, we would like to invite openadaptor community to
start discussing the matter.

The objective is to have a Web Seminar by Mid September. In order to do
    - 1 - Please give your 2 cents on the project (Jason Hunter being
the JDOM lead and Tim Bissell the Openadaptor lead)
    - 2 - Provide you interest:
        + In participating in the Web Conference
        + In participating in the project that will be kick-off after
this Web Conference
    - 3 - Please challenge the idea if you wish...


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