[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter newline and sockets

Steve Upton steveu at firebrandsoftware.com
Thu Aug 23 01:06:55 PDT 2001

Can I just be very clear on what your terms mean, I assume:

Raw = Data as it was when it was originally read, with newlines or not and
tabs, or not,
           depending on the original.

Pretty = Formatted nicely to the users requirements

Compressed = Stripped of all unnecessary whitespace and formating, single
line, as
                       small as possible

It appears to me that currently JDom supports the first two, but not the
last. However
we need to find a way to do all three which doesn't totally break things for
with existing code.

Would that be a fair assesment ?

What this does mean, either way, is that everywhere in the code that
formatting is
added, ie newline after version string, newline after comment, this MUST be
Otherwise you end up adding characters and have to then strip them later.
This may or may
not be visible to the user, but it needs to be there.


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> > Brian colfer wrote:
> >
> > We can also have raw and compressed and leave the prettying up to a
> > subclassed application.
> I'm OK to punt some issues, but not that one.  It's too core.
> -jh-

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