[jdom-interest] Question on DTD processing

Brian colfer bcolfer at get.topica.com
Thu Aug 23 08:41:12 PDT 2001

This is somewhat related to the pretty outputter issue ... JDOM should be
very good at parsing and building DOM objects through Java.  It should not
be all things to all people.  There are other tools for dealing with DTDs...

The purpose of a DTD is to be a model for validating a class of XML
documents.   A better approach to what you specifically want is to work with
XML Schemas...

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I need to design a application that takes the DTD as an input and build a
template XML file that conforms to the input DTD...  Can anyone tell me how
go about accomplish this? ... such as what API should I use, if there is any
supprt on this using JDOM... etc.
- kimion -

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