[jdom-interest] XML and XSL

Peter Barraud peterb at interrait.com
Mon Aug 27 00:05:15 PDT 2001

I'm back again. what I had asked some time back was that I wanted to take an
xml and an xsl and return html to a browser. I got a lot of replies and have
just started working on the stuff. I got one reply form Ian that said to try
the jdom-b7/samples/XSLTransform.java so I did that. In fact, I took the
sample catalog.xml and catalog.xsl files that are in the samples folder and
tried to use them but I get this huge error message which starts with:
        at org.apache.xpath.patterns.NodeTest.execute(NodeTest.java:386)"
anybody who has tried to use this example could maybe help me out here

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Take a look at jdom-b7/samples/XSLTransform.java.  Send the result
out to the browser from a servlet using something along the lines of

  out.output(doc2, res.getWriter());


Peter Barraud wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to use an XML file with an XSL file and render the output
> a browser. Ok I know that sound weird but here is what I want to do:
> I have an XML file and an XSL file that contains parsing code to get HTML
> out of the XML. So what I want is that a servlet/JSP will return the
> as an output to the browser.
> I have done this in ASP and MSXML. There is a function (of the XML DOM)
> called Transform node that takes an XSL as an argument and return the
> result.
> I hope this is not too very confusing, and my apologies if I have used
> vague terms but any help would be really really appreciated
> PB

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