[jdom-interest] JDOM and Visual Age

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Aug 28 20:19:19 PDT 2001

I can't say for certain since I don't use the WTE but here are a couple of
things to check.

OK so you deleted the org.w3c.* packages.  When you imported Crimson, you
added them again.  However, the project you imported crimson into is
probably not in the classpath for WTE.  Easiest solution is to make Crimson
an extension project which will add it to the classpath of all your
projects, and thus put the org.w3c classes in the WTE classpath.

My personal approach is to put the org.w3c classes in thier own project and
make that an extension project.

There is a possibility that the org.w3c classes are an older version than
the ones in the ibm parser project.  If you go back to the repository, you
can select just those classes and add them to the workspace.  Now they will
go into the Crimson project instead of the ibm parser project since that's
where they are at the time.

WTE is kind of pig, even if it does have some nice features.  Tomcat and
Resin both work a little better in VAJ IMHO.

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> Hi everyone
> I'm trying to use JDOM in the Visual Age environment.  As per info on
> JDOM site I've:
> - deleted the org.* packages from the IBM XML Parser for Java then
> versioned it.
> - Created a new project - "Crimson", imported the crimson.jar,
> versioned it
> - Created a new project - "JDOM", imported the jdom.jar, versioned it
> - Created a new project - "Xalan", imported the jdom.jar, versioned
> it.
> - Created a new project for my code and set Visual Age to autocompute
> the classpath (right click on code file, select Properties and pressed
> compute button).
> I've run some code that does various operations, including create a
> JDOM Document, manipulate it, write to a file, do a transformation
> using a XSL file.
> This all works, now here is my problem.
> When I run a very basic JSP using the Websphere Test Environment
> servlet engine, and have a statement like:
> <%! int i; %>
> in it, then when I run it for the second time it crashes Visual Age -
> it goes into a high-cpu loop which it stays in.
> Have I messed up Visual Age in some way by removing the org.* files?
> Have I imported the right jar files?
> Some help will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
> Peter.
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