[jdom-interest] xmlns="" in children elements of root

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Wed Aug 29 08:56:05 PDT 2001

There's a FAQ entry on jdom.org about namespaces that talks about this.


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> I tried this with the beta 7 binaries, and also downloaded the source
> yesterday (8-28-01) afternoon and have the same problem.
> When I give my root element (using XMLOutputter) a namespace of just
> "xmlns=http://www.someplace.com" I do not explicitly assign a 
> namespace to
> any of the children elements at any level, but the first 
> level children of
> the root are assigned a namespace of 'xmlns=""' which I can 
> not figure out
> why and can not get ride of it.  This should not be happening 
> and makes it
> invalid against the schema.  
> Has anyone had this happen to them, and/or does anyone know 
> how to correct
> this.
> Rodney S. Foley
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