[jdom-interest] xmlns="" in children elements of root

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Aug 29 10:49:48 PDT 2001

"Rodney S. Foley" wrote:
> I would purpose that JDOM check every time an element(a) is added to another
> element(a) that element(a) checks for element(b)'s namespace.  If none was
> set, then element(a) give's element(b) it's namespace, and set's a flag on
> element(b) stating namespace was automatically set.

Eww, that's awful.  Explicitly not having a namespace is as much a
differentiator as being in a specific namespace.  In fact, such elements
do have a Namespace, the NO_NAMESPACE constant.

You do not want to auto-put an element in a namespace because of its
parent, or have an elt's namespace change later because it is moved.


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