[jdom-interest] new sax-based utils

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Wed Aug 29 23:13:29 PDT 2001

Notice:  Improvements and additions to samples.sax



  LexicalHandler support added to XMLFilterBase and XMLWriter.


  XMLReaderBase class and DocumentReader implementation.

XMLReaderBase is designed for folks who want to wrap one of their classes in
an XMLReader skin.

DocumentReader, which extends XMLReaderBase, turns a JDOM Document into an
XMLReader (using SAXOutputter to do the actual work).

DocumentReader is useful when you have a JDOM Document that you want to
hand-off to a consumer that accepts an XMLReader.  When the consumer calls
the DocumentReader's parse method, the DocumentReader invokes SAXOutputter
to transmit the source document as SAX events.

(One could also imagine creating an InputSource wrapper for a JDOM

Joe Bowbeer

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