[jdom-interest] Implementing idea using JDOM.

Tasso Angelidis TassoA at trustmarque.ca
Mon Dec 3 09:16:33 PST 2001

I want to use JDOM to output application logs as xml format.

I was thinking that maybe a user can log on through and interface and get a
niceley formatted log on screen.

Some issues...

The log file must be named to the date, this is to prevent from having to
large of a DOM document. (Check if file of current date exist, if so load
the xml in DOM and append to it. If not create new DOM document and write
Also the file and DOM document must be handled in a "synchronized method" to
avoid damaging the log file. (If the application requiring logs is

Is it even worth to create logs in XML? The biggest issue would be the size.
Assume the application will be processing thousands of transactions a day.

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