[jdom-interest] Problem with JDOM/Xerces parser

Gary Bentley gb at opengroup.org
Wed Dec 5 01:57:08 PST 2001

Hi folks,

Whilst trying to parse some XHTML Basic I got the following error message 
from JDOM:

"The target "IS10744:arch" is not legal for JDOM/XML Processing Instructions: 
Processing instruction targets cannot contain colons."

this came about when trying to resolve the DTD at:


I am using JDOM 7 and Xerces 1.2.3.

Having checked the JDOM source it comes from JDOM...

That DTD was gained from looking at the DTD:


Just to double check I went and tried to use a different parser in the 
Openwave SDK version 5.1 and got the following error message for the same DTD:

"Entity, EntityRef, PI, Notation names, or NMToken cannot contain a
colon. Line 36, Position 16

<?IS10744:arch xhtml"

Now, since I got the error in 2 different parsers I then contacted the HTML 
Editors at W3C and got the following response (from Jesse McCarthy 
[mccarthy36 at earthlink.net]):

"Gary, I would tend to think that your parsers are in error as according to 
the XML 1.0 specification the colon ":" is unambiguously allowed in 
processing instruction targets, among other things. 

- Jesse"

So the question is, is this really an error in JDOM?  If so, will there be a 
fix available?  Or should I go to the source myself and "remove" the error 

Please find attached the XHTML Basic I was parsing...

Many thanks,

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